Developer brings E3 to the fans

4 06 2010
While most gamers will be awaiting news of Electronic Entertainment Expo (more commonly known as E3) announcements via various blogs and gaming news sites, one developer decided to forgo any mediums and bring their announcements right to fans.

Game developer Konami, announced on its Facebook and Twitter accounts on Thursday that it would enable a live stream of their E3 press conference and would make their fans “honorary members of the press,” according to the website statement.

In addition to the streaming access, Konami hints to its registered fans on their E3 webpage that they will announce news surrounding at least six new titles at the upcoming conference. One title that has been speculated to be amongst them is another addition to the Silent Hill series, according to videopost.

Fans who take Konami up on their streaming offer will also have the chance to win prizes by making concise blog posts about the conference and announcements made, as well as chances to win free swag each day leading up to E3.

While Konami might not have been the biggest player in the gaming world (although it’s certainly high up there to be sure) to be included on a live stream, it is an interesting way of keeping fans engaged with their product.

E3 is slated to be held from June 15th to 17th in Los Angeles, California.



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