Jedirobb talks DEVASTATION with IncreaseBlue

1 06 2010

While The Pause Button was perusing the gaming available at the Phoenix Comicon, IncreaseBlue ran into the one and only Rob Chiarini, overseer of the upcoming gaming event DEVASTATION.

IncreaseBlue was able to ask Rob (a.k.a. jedirobb) about the upcoming event such as what it’s going to hold for gamers, preparations for the event, and more stuff about upcoming tournament.

The event will hold more than twenty different tournaments in various games including Marvel vs. Capcom 2, DJ Hero, Tekken 6, and much more. The event is free to all who wish to play casual games and check out the setups, but to participate in tournaments, players must register before June 14th for a fee.

DEVASTATION is slated to be held on June 18th to the 20th at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information about games, tournament rules, or to register for DEVASTATION, visit the event website.




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