Intel Game On Event Wrap-Up

2 05 2010
The Intel Game On event at Fry’s Electronics kicked off Saturday afternoon to a good reception of customers who lined up to grab potential prizes.
The Game On crew had a booth ripe with tons of giveaway prizes and video game demonstrations on their new signature Intel Core i7 processing computers.

Games such as DiRT 2 and Napoleon: Total War were available for open play on the systems. Both of which displayed immense processing power and high quality graphic output for both games, with no lag or pixelations to speak of. Customers won scores of prizes including LED pens and hats, t-shirts, thermal mugs, beanies, or processors (a total of 19 were given away over the entire weekend).

The sponsorship manager for the Americas Marketing Group with Intel, Laurie Koehler (pictured in slideshow), spoke with The Pause Button at the event about the goals of the Game On crew and what they had planned for the coming months. 

“The “Game On” isn’t focused at gamers, it’s the attitude of Game On. “Get your game on!”” said Koehler. “I think of it more as an entertainment play. Intel is working our way into consumer electronics and smart TVs and we’re engaging in handheld products, so gaming is one foray of that.” 

Koehler went on to say that the Game On crew hoped to connect with the more electronically savvy “alpha techies” (gamers) so that they may reach out into mainstream electronics consumers and create an integration between Intel and the people. 

As far as gaming on the new Core family of processors (the i3, i5, and i7), Koehler commented that she believed Intel had finally reached a “perfect storm” for computer gaming. 

“It’s always interesting how hardware will lead, and software’s looking to catch up and then software gets ahead and hardware needs to catch up,” said Koehler. “I think now with the Corei5 and Corei7.…we have equipment–the hardware side of the equipment–that’s going to keep running in tandem with the software side.” 

So it seems that Intel tech will be on par with launched and upcoming computer games for quite some time to come. 

While no solid plans could be discerned for the Game On crew in the future, Koehler commented that there will definitely be appearances made by Intel technology at the upcoming Blizzcon 2010 in October. 

Did you miss out on all the action this weekend? No worries, the Game On crew will be hosting another event at Fry’s Electronics in Phoenix on May 15th and 16th from 12 to 5 p.m.




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