Uncharted 2 Multiplayer “Siege Pack” DLC Review

24 04 2010

The latest DLC for Uncharted 2 has definitely brought the multiplayer modes to a new level of gameplay than the past expansion. The “Siege Pack” adds in two new maps, six new skins, 11 new trophies, and a new co-op mode called Siege.

The Siege DLC features new skins (like Baseball Drake pictured above) AND new maps such as this one, The Highrise.

With the two newest maps: Highrise and The Museum, players are afforded a multi-tiered area for matches ripe with tight corners, high sniping points, and large plateaus perfect for every kind of mode within the multiplayer.

The map that is undoubtedly more intensive is the Highrise, as the settings are taken from the Desperate Times chapter of the games’ story mode. The stage features several blasted out buildings that players have to jump between and navigate, all the while avoiding plummeting to their deaths or being taken out by an NPC helicopter that bombs the area every few minutes.

The Museum map is also quite interesting, as it is taken out of the Breaking and Entering chapter of the story mode. The level includes a large tower, a wide and flat ground level, and a number of above ground structures of varying heights for sniping and climbing. Much of the gameplay in this map takes place above ground level, as players are often scrambling to reach the highest vantage point that they can and maximize their kills.

The Museum map features tall structures to snipe and jump from, but also players can roam inside the buildings shown above for even more intense shootouts.

Both new maps are a welcome addition to the now 11 map strong multiplayer mode, and serve even better for the added Siege mode.

Siege mode allows for a team of three players to defend a single post through waves of enemy fire. Once a post is secured, another one pops up, all the way to ten.

The new mode definitely gives a sense of true teamwork, just as Gold Rush and the co-op objectives do, but in order to capture a post, all team members MUST be present in the capture zone (sharing an equal risk of danger). This forces players to keep a protective eye out for their comrades more than ever; if they wish to get through all ten posts and unlock the new bronze trophy for doing so that is.

The Glowzer (left) and Platzor (right) skeleton skins. Admittedly, Glowzer is the more distracting of the two to see when playing.

The new skins are a refresher as well, bringing back  Wetsuit Drake, and Prakoso from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the Dead Explorer, debuting Baseball Shirt Drake as featured in the Eye of Indra digital comic (previously only available to European limited editions), and adding to the wide array of skeleton players with Glowzer and Platzor.

Overall the Siege Pack DLC seems well worth the $5.99 USD price tag, with maps that will take quite awhile to learn all of the weak and strong areas, as well as some fun new skins to run around in.

The DLC is currently available on the Playstation Network for all regions.



One response

29 04 2010

From the pictures the game looks very interesting. I’ve actually never even heard of it (not that you should be surprised) but the idea of maps & such sounds like it could be entertaining to play. Although there is no doubt I would suck at it.

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