Insight: There’s a mute button for a reason!

19 04 2010

In such a world as that of online gaming, trash talk exchanges between players over headsets is a concept that is not entirely new to the forum. 

However, a recent Associated Press article pointed out the growing epidemic of “hate speech” during online gaming and how companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Blizzard should be (or already are) taking steps to eliminate such rants from the gaming audio waves.

I personally can identify with the experience highlighted in this article. As I have played in the past on multiplayer games such as Killzone 2, Call of Duty, and Uncharted 2, hearing loud, ignorant, hateful, and overall distasteful comments through the clarity of a Bluetooth headset is pretty much expected. It comes with the territory of playing such highly competitive games.

Hearing curse words and derogatory terms is (quite sadly) nothing new in the online gaming world. It’s true that some gamers out there feel the need to spout their ridiculously stupid (and generally useless) comments during the ENTIRE match you’re playing, but guess what?

You don’t HAVE to listen to them.

There’s a mute button for a reason.

Chris: I SWEAR if you don't stop yelling about my 'noob tactics' I will throw you to the zombies MYSELF!!!

It’s as simple as that really. People can choose whether or not to listen to these people talk whether they mute the game or the television. Sure these irritating gamers may be saying some pretty disrespectful stuff, but what does it matter if no one is listening to them?

As much as this article may be pointing out a sad reality of online gaming (can’t we all just get along?) it is only playing to something that has been beaten to death a hundred times over.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Even obnoxious gamers with Bluetooth headsets and a mindful of rude comments.

I agree that there is a fine line between all-in-good-fun trash talking and blatantly being disrespectful and mean, but as much as I might agree that the jerk gamers should get the boot, they share the equal right I have to put on a headset and voice my own anger at getting sniped for the FIFTH time in a row!

My guess is the whole reason that this is getting as blown out of proportion as it is, is probably little Timmy’s parents overheard him smack talking a 40-year-old guy on L4D2 and demanded action be taken.

So gamers, take this advice to heart:

Take control of the game, before you end up losing it entirely.



One response

20 04 2010

I would have figured that the most obvious solution to this problem would be to press the mute button. . .& I don’t even play games. While I would probably be one of the ones who would quickly get annoyed with hearing others “talk,” like you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you get sick of hearing it, just mute them :] simple solution.

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