Red vs. Blue launches into season 8

3 04 2010

The highly praised and infamous machinima series Red vs. Blue premiered the first episode of its eighth season on Thursday. The show is a well-known machinima produced by RoosterTeeth, where digital characters of the game Halo are used, instead of actors, in the comedic sitcom-like web series.

The latest season, dubbed Red vs. Blue: Revelation marks the seventh year for the machinima production and have left some fans wondering if this will truly be the last season of the series.

RoosterTeeth originally created a saga dubbed Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, which ran five seasons and one hundred episodes. Once the chronicles had concluded, many fans were disappointed that the studio was apparently calling it quits on the series.

However, the RoosterTeeth crew released several mini-series revolving around new and original characters from the series called: Out of Mind, Recovery One, and Relocated, before launching into two more full-length seasons of Reconstruction and Recreation, which continued the story from the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

With Revelation off and running, fans are already clamoring to the video posts with praise and comments of approval. It is clear that this latest season will have a large support group behind it, but will it be the last season for the cast of RvB?

The question is: does the series have plenty of steam left, or is it just stale frag grenade jokes these days? Check out the first episode of Revelation and let your opinion be known!



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