Is the Nintendo DSi XL just another useless system upgrade?

23 03 2010

To end a spectacular month for the gaming world, the newest piece of Nintendo gaming flair, the DSi XL, is due to hit store shelves on March 28.

After seeing the models in comparison to the older DS, DSlite, and DSi, gamers are begging the question: Why are you making this Nintendo?

The DSi XL is, in essence, its very namesake. It takes key components from the original system: dual screens, stylus, touchpad; some pieces from the newer iterations: slimmer overall body (a la DSlite), and camera (courtesy of the original DSi); and then lives up to the XL title by increasing the width of the system drastically and brightening the resolution in the dual screens.

Twice the size but just as useless!

So really, isn’t the DSi XL just a bigger version of the DSi?

The answer is: duh!

This latest iteration has confused gamers beyond belief who are wondering just why this system is being released in the first place. One commenter with the username of MSWUDB on an Engadget review of the DSi XL writes: “When is Nintendo going to actually add more umph! to the DS ecosystem, think big N ran out of ideas; now they resell original NDS on steroids!”

Writers at Joystiq have similar questions as to why Nintendo created the system that seems to backtrack in concept: “Thanks to its larger screen size, it takes up even more space than the original DS Phat — strange, considering one of the primary complaints held against the Phat was its unwieldy girth.”

Reviewers at Game Informer are a little more optimistic, citing that the XL would more likely appeal to the DS owners who never upgraded to the later system iterations.

So if you have sight problems, big hands, or just want to be the first kid on the block with the latest Nintendo hardware, you might want to drop the extra twenty bucks (in comparison to the original DSi) and snag a DSi XL for $190 when it hits American stores on March 28.



One response

28 03 2010
Of Course

That’s bologna! They just released the DSi just a few months ago and now they have a bigger model a few months later?
Glad I didn’t buy a DSi now I can buy a bigger version just for $20 more! (Sarcasm).

It would be understandable if they needed to add more ports to the hand held for upcoming accessories that will a great perk to up coming games. An enlargement hand-held, to me, is a slim chance of buying it. Since I didn’t buy the DSi then, this sure didn’t persuaded me to buy it just for one lousy upgrade.

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