Sega adheres to its fans…..sort of.

27 02 2010

SEGA has made its gamers angry….again. Following a long and bloody struggle gamers fought to get the most recent sequel to the Yakuza series, Yakuza 3, localized and released in the UK and North America, SEGA announced that the gamers would indeed be getting what they’ve pleaded for…just not ALL of it.

Check out the comprehensive run-down in the audio post below. If you’re not digging it, go ahead and scroll down for an equally cool report.

In a blogpost made by the company on Wednesday, company officials announced that the western version of the game that is due to hit shelves on March 9th, would be missing some content that was featured in the Japanese release “mostly involving the Hostess Clubs and the Japanese History trivia sections.”

Sound the alarm and run to the bunker. Gamer rage explosion imminent.

The inclusion of hostess clubs was only for Japanese versions of Yakuza 3.

As this is being written, gamers have already littered the blogpost with over 400 comments denouncing SEGA and informing the company that they would (or already did) cancel their preorders, with no intention of buying what many are labeling as a “censored game.”

The main problem lies with SEGA’s decision to take out the hostess clubs altogether, rather than the trivia game, because the feature of the clubs has been a highly praised and central feature in the past Yakuza titles. The feature was so popular in the first game, that it was extended in the second game to afford more opportunities for the main character of Kiryu Kazuma to participate in it, and it has since become an effective “trademark” of the series (just like expecting to see Spartans in Halo or ordering air strikes in Call of Duty, you EXPECT it to be there.)

In SEGA’s defense, a recent article with IGN shed some more light on the western version cuts and claimed that while the hostess clubs were out, players could still romance and date women outside of the clubs as if the feature was still included.

SEGA says that gamers can still make Kiryu go out on dates with women to various places (like a karaoke bar pictured above)

So why did you decide to cut it to begin with SEGA? The company cited that the developers felt that the idea of a hostess club would be lost on foreign gamers and therefore decided to cut the content relating to it for the western version of the game.

One other thing that could or could not be the company’s saving grace, is that they comment on the release of DLC as soon as Yakuza 3 hits store shelves in the west. Now whether or not that would effectively unlock hostess clubs in the game (a preferred solution to all this nasty cutting business) or would include some other game feature, it is still unknown at this time.

Right now the best that gamers can do is either roll with the punches and take whatever SEGA is willing to give them, or stand their ground with their angry declarations and watch as Yakuza 3’s sales go down the drain (along with any hope of having Yakuza Kenzan! Or Yakuza 4 localized in North America.)

Yakuza 3 will be released in the U.S. and Europe for the Playstation 3 on March 9th.




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19 04 2010
Pilar Arias

I love how you’re writing about video games, both old and new! I like your writing style and how you incorporate youtube videos. Keep up the good work!

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