Get ready to wreak some DEVASTATION

15 02 2010

Here is an audio stream of my thoughts and experiences of DEVASTATION. If you don’t want to hear me talk (I don’t blame you, I loathe the sound of my own voice; lol) then scroll down to see the full post about the event and all it’s awesomeness. (I apologize for the youtube formatting, but wordpress plugins are giving me a hard time these days).

Being a gamer affords a lot of opportunities. Namely getting good at any one game and challenging others at it. Whether it be fighting, shooting, or sports games, it’s fun to have a human challenger. Sometimes though, when you’re playing with the same group of friends or family, the challenge fades away, and you find yourself a bit bored with the competition (or lack thereof). This has happened to me personally with the fighting game series Tekken, and most of my friends have gotten to the point to where they love to play the game, just, you know, not with ME. 😦

Well, that’s when I discovered DEVASTATION.

DEVASTATION is a multi-game competition in Arizona where tons of gamers from all over come to compete. It is currently in it’s 6th year of existence and this time around, the event could arguably be at the biggest it’s ever been before.

The event is slated to be held on June 18th through the 20th at the Phoenix Convention Center. All three days of the event are packed with dozens of different tournaments for a wide range of games including: Guitar Hero, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Halo 3, Madden NFL 10, Quake Live, Super Smash Brothers and tons more. What’s even better is that the crew helming the event are constantly adding new games to the mix in both the casual and serious tournament brackets.

Not only are there tons of games for your competing pleasure, but DEVASTATION has garnered enough attention to attract gamers from the far ends of the country and even from the other side of the world (one gamer known as MaDDoGJiN made an appearance at the 2009 event all the way from Korea!) So there is without a doubt, HUNDREDS of different competitors for you to either prove your skills against, or at least learn some lessons with defeat at the event.

And while DEVASTATION is a great environment for any and all gamers to compete in, it’s also a great place to try and make some cheddar. The winnings for each tournament are comprised of the amount of competitors in the given game bracket, so the more competitors, the bigger the pots are, the more money in your pocket if you win. (Plus there are some hefty guaranteed prize pots TBA from what I hear) 😀

What’s really great about the event,  is that not only is it awesome tournament and gaming-wise, it’s also very comfortable socially. As I said in my above audio stream, I’ve had nothing but good experiences at such a high-level tournament (and me being a very low-level player) and I think that is due to the guys who run the event.

The whole DEVASTATION crew is comprised of local AZ players who just really want to have fun in the end. The overseer of the whole shebang, Rob Chiarini, encourages anyone to compete in the event, regardless of your gaming experience, and I think that is something truly refreshing to see in the competitive gaming scene.

I’ll probably blog more on the event when it finally happens in June so be on the lookout for that!

DEVASTATION is slated to be held from June 18th to June 20th 2010 at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix. Registration for the event is now open for only $35 (for a limited time!) at their website. Also there are constant updates being made via DEVASTATION’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Below are some videos to show you just what DEVASTATION is like. There’s a VLOG from sWooZie, the MC of the 2009 event and another video from the livestream of the event.  It shows the grand finals of the Tekken 6 tournament between Maddogjin and MrNAPS, complete with commentary!




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