Sit down and take a pause.

10 02 2010

Hello! I do sincerely hope that if you’ve stumbled on this blog you are 1) Pleasantly surprised or 2) lost but now found! This is my gaming blog. My name is Christen (a.k.a IncreaseBlue) and I am the blogger helming this craziness known as The Pause Button.

In this blog I intend to cover as many varying and intriguing topics of gaming as I can. As I posted in my ‘About Me’ page (you should totally check that out by the way–link’s at the top) I want to stray away from video game reviews since you can get that at G4, IGN, and hundreds of other sites and publications. I’m going to try to shake things up with lots of different game related topics and calls for all blog readers to sound off with their own opinions on the subjects I put up for your reading/listening/viewing pleasure.

So without further ado, welcome to The Pause Button.

You can now press start again.


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